How to post a top tier Instagram grid post every single time

Instagram is a minefield and sometimes our posts will flop. There are things you can put into practice every time you post to prevent the instaflop. Stories and reels are so popular now but the humble grid post will always be in our hearts. Read our top tips and tricks to make sure your content is top tier every time your grid and business will thank you.

Think About Your Images

So many businesses or people starting out on Instagram post photos that just are sugar honey iced tea. Let’s not beat around the bush here, the quality could be bad, it is poorly cropped and if there’s text on it half of it is missing from the cropping to size. A business investing in a photographper if you don’t have the creative flair will make all the difference. Good quality pictures are inviting to the audience, they can imagine themselves their with your products or simply just admire the beauty before them. So many people make snap judgments on Instagram so make sure they are making good ones about you. Get top quality images and use a variety, don’t post the same stuff all the time.

What Are You Offering Your Audience?

When you are posting on Instagram you will want to make sure your posts are one of these 3 things.

  • Inspiring - How will what you’re offering change their lives or make them feel?

  • Educational - Teach them something new

  • Entertaining - Make them laugh, enjoy and want to watch more

The Caption Needs These Three Things

If you make sure to do these three things in this order for your captions, they will always resonate with your audience. First of all you want to start with a hook, entice or shock the, into keep reading. Secondly the body of the text, tell them what you want to tell them. Then lastly add a call to action. A call to action is encouraging your audience to do something off the back of your post. That could be going to your website, booking an appointment or simply sending you a message.

Make Use Of Hashtags

You are able to use a maxi of 30 hashtags per Instagram post, so make use of that and use all 30. Be sure to use a mix of high and low competition ones. This means how many posts are using that hashtags. So for example if you posted a vegan meal the hashtag #vegan will have a huge amount of posts on it so while still relevant you may get lost in the noise so use low competition ones that are more specific like #plantbasedchocolatedessert as they will most likely help you be seen. This can help your account get discovered by more people who are interested in the things you are posting. So your captions don’t look messy you can also post all 30 hashtags as a comment on the post as soon as it’s published.

Spend Time Engaging With Others

After you have posting spend about 10 minutes or so engaging with your followers and accounts which are posting on the hashtags youve included in your post, simply like and comment something that they will want to reply to. Ask a question or engage with what they are saying in the caption. A simple ’lovely pic!’ Won’t cut it. Doing this can help engagement on your posts as well.

Give these a go and be sure to tag us and tell us the improvements and the insights you see changing from implementing these tips!

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