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MUA Natalie Opara Getting Creative In Lockdown

Entrepreneurial boss babe Natalie Opara has been keeping her online beauty loving community entertained during lockdown. She has been giving them something to tune into on Wednesday nights on Facebook. Qualified make up artist Natalie who has an incredible creative side has been doing amazing and unique looks on facebook live videos.

While she does the videos, she converses with her group, answering questions, asking advice and tell them funny stories about her family life in lockdown.

Natalie has her online store Opretty with her raved about Fake Tan and luxurious cruelty free Mink Lashes and now delving into the make up industry. It is uncommon for her products to have a lower score review than 5 out of 5. Here are our Top 5 favourite make up looks she has been creating during lockdown.

//01 Ice Cream Inspired

Who doesn't love a good day at the beach, hiding your chips and ice cream from hungry seagulls. This look will make anyone crave an ice cream!

//02 Carole Baskin! Killed her husband, whacked him!

can't convince me that it didn't happen, fed him to tigers, they snackin'...CAROLE BASKIN!

//03 NHS Appreciation

Expertly placed make up mask and rainbow eyes! - Please wear a real mask when going outside - Just sayin'!

//04 Instagram obsessed

Showing her love for instagram using the instagram colours, likes and hearts!

//05 Easter Inspiration

What is Easter without creme eggs? The nations favourite from boxing day, for some strange reason until the end of Easter!

//06 Fathers Day Memories

This feather look is to symbolise remembering all the fathers that are no longer here on Fathers Day.

Follow her page to see more of her looks and shop here.

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